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Edit 3//: if you want to win or place you have to be watching both Ollie-C  and Meidayy 

Edit 2//: Whoops edits
okay, if you don't usually draw cats/animals
you can draw them human
just use examples of clothing found in our galleries 
.today I feel like. by Meidayy(remember that Azure is female please and thanks)

Edit//: If you guys want to spread the word about this
that'd be nice XD 
- Oli

Hellloooo everyone this message comes from both 
Meidayy and Ollie-C.
We are here to announce a contest will be held starting on February 1, 2015.
This contest involves our two characters Amber and Azure.

Amber Ref:
Amber reference 2015 by Meidayy

Azure Ref:

Important stuff about Amber and Azure
-Amber and Azure are both females
-Amber and Azure are a romantic couple
-accessories are not mandatory but for Amber they are appreciated
(Go to the reference sheets/our galleries for details about the characters)

Details you probably need to know about the contest
-creativity is very important
-quality of art is also very important
-using the character's traits will earn you a few brownie points (personality found in their ref descriptions)
-preciseness of the characters' designs is very important
-you can enter more than once
-no (detailed) NSFW
-no gore/violence


•full picture from Meidayy
•full picture from Ollie-C
•watches from both of us if not already watched
•llama badges if not already given

•transparent picture from Meidayy
•transparent picture from Ollie-C
•llama badges

•headshot from Meidayy
•headshot from Ollie-C
•llama badges

No deadline right now
We'll decide once we feel there are enough entries

- croompets
<da:thumb id="510942075"/>
- MamaPetal
.:hearts:. by MamaPetal
.:lovestruck:. by MamaPetal
- Raining-Rose
Amber X Azure [Contest Entry] by Raining-Rose
Everything You Do [Contest Entry] by Raining-Rose
- baqqins
- ollie and amber - {Entry#1} by baqqins
- ollie and amber - {Entry#2} by baqqins
- ollie and amber - {Entry#3} by baqqins
- ollie and amber - {Entry#4} by baqqins
- ollie and amber - {Entry#5} by baqqins
- ollie and amber - {Entry#6} by baqqins
- OceanshineTFM
For ze contest by OceanshineTFM
Contest entry : 1 / ??? by CR33PY-C00KIES
- Arex-chan92
:Right Here Next to You: by Arex-chan92
- Srbyssketching
.:Hey Beautiful:. by Srbyssketching
- Ame-Bii 
But it's better if you do by Ame-Bii
- GoldenWolfStudios 
im so lucky, lucky by GoldenWolfStudios
- vaqabond
whoopsie by vaqabond
Because Meidayy tagged me

1) When exactly did you two first meet? 
March 8th

2) Where did you two first meet?
On Jill's dA journal where I commented saying I wanted her art

3) What was your first impression of them?
"That art she made for someone was pretty badass. I want one"

4) When did you start liking them?
forever ago
somewhere around June-ish?

5) When did you two start going out?
We didn't

5) What was your first kiss with them like?
Pf no

6) Are you their first girlfriend/boyfriend?
Um. Maybe? I think

7) Are they your first boyfriend/girlfriend?

About them:

8) How much older/younger are they compared to you?
She's about 4-ish months younger 

9) Hair color?
Dark-ish Brown-ish

10) Eye color?

11) Gender?
No idea
XD Female

12) Glasses?

13) Piercings?
Um, I don't know. Do youu??

14) Tattoos?
I doubt it XD

15) Chest hair?
I would guess not???

16) Scars?
I would say yess.
I do, but not sure about Jill

17) Smart/not?
Smarter than me

18) Sarcastic/not?

19) Humorous/not?

20) Possessive/not?
I guess I would be
I don't show it often
I guess 

21) Patient/not?
Yes. I, am not tho

22) Affectionate/not?

23) Affectionate where?
Skype chat/call, dA notes/messages

24) Protective/not?
I dun knowww XD
I ammm

25) Clingy/not?
I think I am more XD
I would be clinging to her 24/7 if I could

26) Expressive/not?

27) Talkative/quiet?
Jill is the one keeping the conversation going, so I'd say yess

28) Outgoing/shy?
Mmm somewhere in the middle I'd say

29) Sporty/not?
MmmI'd sayy yess

30) Artistic/not?
Yes. Yes. Fucking yes.
I found her through her art

Their skills:

31) Can they cook or bake?
If not, I can make up for her loss of baking skills XD
I am amazing. Muffins, cookies, I can make spaghetti.
Tacos even.
You will not starve in my care

32) Can they repair/fix things?
Um. I don't knowww

33) Can they dance?
Neither of us can XD

34) Can they sing?
Yes! You must sing for me tho
You must

35) Can they draw?
Bitch. Yes, she can

36) Can they play any instrument?
I know she can play piano.
Not sure of any others

37) Can they write well?

38) Can they make you laugh?
she cannnn

39) Can they make others laugh?
I dun know
But she can make meh laugh
'tis okay

40) What is their talent if they have found it?
Drawing, being sexy, piano, being sexy and being sexy
Did I mention being sexy?

41) Are they good at science and math?
I would say yess

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