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angryvegtible14 and I are making some commissions to gain points quickly

Fill this out to get one:
Who: (Angry/Ollie/either)
Commission Type:Character(s) Ref:
Details (pose, etc.):
Either is if it doesn't matter to you who draws it, we will pick and you won't know until it's posted.

Commission info:
Background: 10 Points
Extra characters (more than 1): 15 Points

Head Shot -  20 Points

Full Body -  30 Points


1. LegendarySheep
2. Toquenfrier

1. baqqins
2. U-nelma

Edit 3//: if you want to win or place you have to be watching both Ollie-C  and Meidayy 

Edit 2//: Whoops edits
okay, if you don't usually draw cats/animals
you can draw them human
just use examples of clothing found in our galleries 
.today I feel like. by Meidayy(remember that Azure is female please and thanks)

Edit//: If you guys want to spread the word about this
that'd be nice XD 
- Oli

Hellloooo everyone this message comes from both 
Meidayy and Ollie-C.
We are here to announce a contest will be held starting on February 1, 2015.
This contest involves our two characters Amber and Azure.

Amber Ref:
Amber reference 2015 by Meidayy

Azure Ref:

Important stuff about Amber and Azure
-Amber and Azure are both females
-Amber and Azure are a romantic couple
-accessories are not mandatory but for Amber they are appreciated
(Go to the reference sheets/our galleries for details about the characters)

Details you probably need to know about the contest
-creativity is very important
-quality of art is also very important
-using the character's traits will earn you a few brownie points (personality found in their ref descriptions)
-preciseness of the characters' designs is very important
-you can enter more than once
-no (detailed) NSFW
-no gore/violence


•full picture from Meidayy
•full picture from Ollie-C
•watches from both of us if not already watched
•llama badges if not already given

•transparent picture from Meidayy
•transparent picture from Ollie-C
•llama badges

•headshot from Meidayy
•headshot from Ollie-C
•llama badges

No deadline right now
We'll decide once we feel there are enough entries

- croompets
<da:thumb id="510942075"/>
- MamaPetal
.:hearts:. by MamaPetal
.:lovestruck:. by MamaPetal
- Raining-Rose
Amber X Azure [Contest Entry] by Raining-Rose
Everything You Do [Contest Entry] by Raining-Rose
- baqqins
- ollie and amber - {Entry#1} by baqqins
- ollie and amber - {Entry#2} by baqqins
- ollie and amber - {Entry#3} by baqqins
- ollie and amber - {Entry#4} by baqqins
- ollie and amber - {Entry#5} by baqqins
- ollie and amber - {Entry#6} by baqqins
- OceanshineTFM
For ze contest by OceanshineTFM
Contest entry : 1 / ??? by CR33PY-C00KIES
- Arex-chan92
:Right Here Next to You: by Arex-chan92
- Srbyssketching
.:Hey Beautiful:. by Srbyssketching
- Ame-Bii 
But it's better if you do by Ame-Bii
- GoldenWolfStudios 
im so lucky, lucky by GoldenWolfStudios
- vaqabond
whoopsie by vaqabond

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